Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cat Hoarder

Here are the rough animatic scenes for my thirty second montage, it was originally done on storyboards and put together with premier. As one of our Flash assignments we had to animate/re-create it in flash. It is in the midst of being revised and farther cleaned up. :)

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

Scene 4:

Scene 5:

Scene 6:

Scene 7:

Scene 8:

Scene 9:

Scene 10:

Scene 11:

Scene 12:

Scene 13:

Basic Armature Walk Cycle

This is a walk cycle I did in flash class earlier this term, our instructor, Tara Audibert, designed and created the armature/rig.

Wild West 3/4 Walk Layout Flash remake

In the begging of the term we had to take a previously done layout and clean it up in flash, also adding a camera move. I like how this one turned out, also the color scheme/theory appeals to me.

Avatar Character

The big assignment my classmates and I did this term was to create a character with very minimal reference and very little class time to work on it that would fit in seamlessly with the cast of character from the show Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I love the show, but it was quite difficult to create a character from next to nothing and get it to fit right into the show. The point of the assignment was to get experience in working with a client, getting very little face to face time and guidance. It didn't turn out too bad, and it was a lot of fun. I was assigned to create a seventeen year old Air Bender, we had to draw them in swim wear to match their nations.


Clean up:

Gestures With Personality

Here are some 'gestures with personality' for you.

Cafe Sketches

This is my best round of cafe sketches yet, I've always had trouble characterizing people so these turned out better than usual.

Best ones, compiled together:

Simplicication and Characterization

Now for some Life Drawing! Life drawing has been kind to me lately, here is the fist assignment we did: Simplification and Characterization.